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Wyona Berman-Thomas

I was so very fortunate to given Dr Humayun as my endocrinologist. He is fantastic, his unbelievable knowledge and his manner in dealing with his patients is on a different level altogether. He has set the bar so high, I wish a number of other consultants would follow in his footsteps. Nothing was to much trouble for him, in regards to explaining my condition to me, to answering all my questions. Thank you so very much for being my endocrinologist. I am eternally grateful to you.

Emma Mclean

I have been seeing Dr Humayun for almost 4 months for help with weight loss. Due to PCOS loosing weight was my biggest battle. I attended his webinair and though informative I was still dubious about if this could really work for me as everything else I had tried, failed. So I waited a little while before taking the plunge. I am so glad I went ahead, I am over 12KG lighter and feel so much better in myself. I am now back at a point I felt was impossible and I cannot thank him enough

Michelle S

Fed up of not being taken seriously by GP when I suspected I had a thyroid issue I booked into see Dr Humayun. With correct medication I am finally feeling like myself again!! I didn’t go to the appointment realising that Dr H also dealt with weight loss but with Thyroid issues came stubborn weight gain, i’d tried everything… at least i thought I had. Dr suggested the injection and I have recently started my weightloss journey , 3 weeks, 3 kgs great start!
Thank you so much Dr Humayun

Gabby Burns

Came to see dr for weight loss. I’ve always struggled with the motivation to lose weight. Since seeing dr h, I have lost 15kgs in just 4 months. Absolutely life-changing. Would highly recommend dr h to anyone!!!


Dr Humayun has helped me to lose weight easily for the first time in my life.
I’ve lost over 2 stones in 3 months and my chronic pain is easing after years. I cannot recommend it highly enough.
Great consultation manner too. Friendly, helpful and absolutely no intimidation whatsoever and I have a Dr phobia. I’ve coupled his treatment with rehabilitation pilates and I know that things now are improving so quickly for me.

Hannah C

This has so far been an amazing journey. Took my first injection on 16th February (on an empty stomach). Started at 87kg. Now at 79.7kg. I have lost weight all over my body. I feel great too. I walk 7km 3 days a week but no other exercise. As I don’t eat a lot now I ensure I eat a healthy diet. But I do have a cornetto for dessert most days. And I drink alcohol if I fancy a glass or 2. I will continue this journey until I am back to a size 12-14 (I was 16-18). Thank you Dr Humayun for your help & support.

Melanie Riddiford

Such an amazing journey over the last three months thanks to Dr H!
I have always been petite but over the last 10 years, I have steadily put more and more weight on. I am a complete foodie and thus diets do not come easy to me. Dr H has put me on a life-changing weight control program allowing me to lose 2 stones in 3 months! I 100% recommend seeking advice from Dr H if you are struggling with your weight. Being your desired weight brings back so much lost confidence! Thank you, Mr H!


Dr Humayun is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. Very professional and helped me to achieve what I wanted. I would highly recommend him.

Umber Qaiser

Thanks to Dr Humayun and my insulin pump my blood glucose is very well controlled. Very calm and wonderful person who knows how to treat his patients. He is my diabetic doctor for 2 years in Milton Keynes hospital and solved all my issues promptly.

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