Advanced Diabetes Management

Health Consult deals with diabetes-diagnosed patients using high-tech devices and up-to-date approaches, such as modern insulin pumps and Flash Glucose Monitoring (FGM). Dr Humayun recommends a customised diet and lifestyle for every patient, performs insulin therapy, and prescribes effective medications.

Dr Humayon diagnoses several types of diabetes and helps you proactively manage your condition by thoroughly educating you about your condition and monitoring your lifestyle, diet, and medication compliance. He understands how the fact that diabetes will not go away can make you struggle emotionally facing the disease. Internet-based resources may even be conflicting. Dr Humayun is here to help you most effectively manage your condition.

Health Consult caters to patients with any of the following diabetes types:


  • Type 1
  • Type 2
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Prediabetes

How Health Consult Can Help

Let Dr Humayon at Health Consult evaluate your health, provide an accurate diagnosis, and recommend an appropriate management plan for your condition or offer preventive measures against the disease so you can effectively live by it. 

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